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                        Business Opportunity    

It’s the most amazing opportunity to hit the health and wellness sector ever and you can be a part of it! Use this great chance right now at the beginning of this new business that we call: PLDNetwork

There’s nothing like owning your own business. The freedom of not being tied to a clock, or not having someone looking over your shoulder, let’s face it - priceless.

With PLDNetwork there are so many more advantages in comparison with your standard business!

1. You don’t have to be invested in thousands of dollars that most businesses require for start up.

2. You have complete control over your time because you work this business the way you want to. If you want to spend 2 or 3 hours a week, you can. Or you can spend 8 hours a day. It’s up to you - you are the boss!

3. Franchisees are great businesses, but the cost of starting up is out of reach for most people. Plus, you still have to follow franchise rules, and in many cases you’ll have to pay at least a minimum percentage of your gross sales.

With PLDNetwork the opportunities are endless! With a minimum investment, no royalties, commissions, or fees to be paid out – these are just some of the incredible benefits you’ll receive! You build your business the way you want to and we’re here to help with training and support. We want to see you succeed because when you succeed we succeed - and success is what it's all about. We want to have millionaires in the PLD Network - and we want you to be one of them. 

Let's get you started! Let it be now, that you can change your life by adding another income stream to your portfolio. It’ll be a business that will grow with the effort you put in.

Your success starts today!


4 Starting Positions

I/ PLD Membership Card Holder $20.**

  •  Online and Local Merchants
  •  Annual Membership
         ($20.00 + $2.14 S/H +$2.88 Tax = $25.00)

II/ Marketing Maven $40.**
  • Online and Local Merchants
  • Lifetime PLD/VISA Card
  • Qualifies for Referral Bonuses
      ($40 + $4.24 S/H + $5.76 Tax = $50.00)

III/ Marketing Representative $99.**  
  • Paid on Cards, Energy and VISA
  • Referral Bonuses on Solar, ONIT etc
  • Qualify for Group Benefits
  • Lifetime PLD/VISA Card
         ($99+ $29.43 S/h +$16.69 Tax = $145.12)

IV/ Marketing Affiliate $310.**

  • Paid on Cards, Energy and VISA
  • Referral Bonuses on Solar,ONIT etc
  • Lifetime PLD/VISA Card
  • PLus a Listing on PLD Website 
       ($310 + $40.30 Tax = $350.30) 

V/ Marketing Director $475**

  •  Paid on Cards, Energy and VISA
  • Referral Bonuses on Solar, ONIT etc
  • Qualify for Group Benefits
  • Lifetime PLD/VISA Card
  • Training manual
  • Paid on your Network of Distribution
  • Paid on your Annual Renewals
  • Bonus Pool

      ($475 +$29.43 S/H + $65.57 Tax = $570.00)

++Up grade your  position in within 30 days you only pay the differance.
++Each marketing position has 1 PLD/VISA Card included, additional card are purchased separately     in packages of 6.
++Lifetime PLD/VISA Card requires activation of the VISA Card.

2 ways to complete your paper work

1.) Paper   Mail to:    PLD

                                    301 Croft, Suite 3
                                    Tecumseh, ON
                                    N8N 2L9


                 Or Fax to: 519 735 7685  Phone: 519-982-2782

2.)  Secured Internet Sign-up:

                  Independent Distributor Agreement

                 Check or Card Order Form

                  Card Order Form

     Fill out Forms and Submit


If you want more information on a great business opportunity CLICK HERE


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